Bowling Sport Slides

Tk 1,599
The sport slides evolved from the classic Bowling Slides inspiration. The strap decorates the design with sporty enhancements. This design includes the boosted sport utility capabilities, featured styling upgrades, along with advanced construction methods extracted from comprehensive customer experience data. The designs are tailored to offer unmatched and unparalleled style for you, who stand out from the ordinary and think differently.

  • Upper - Faux leather & fabric sport strap
  • Lining - Polyurethane material
  • Sole - Imported high grade polyurethane two part sole with soft memory cushion ability.
  • Build Technology - Precision machine lusting.


    • Quality Grading- Best selling export grade, Dubai & Middle East.
    • Design - Envisioned and curated in 3D modelling. A group of young passionate designers have worked behind the concept and design to bring it into reality.
    • Comfort - Our comfort technology is the right balance from the bottom of the feet, so that it can provide the right pressure to apply perfect comforting without limiting blood flow and enhance movement endurance.
    • Extra Stability & Balance - Our wide fit sole has been uniquely designed to help your feet rest in balance. It provides ample room in the inside and the wide bottom provides greater stability, balance to reduce the risk of trips, falls and ankle sprains.
    • Weight - 300gm, falls under Light Weight category in shoe weight index. Exceptionally light for a fashion sandal.
    • Fatigue Reduction - The extra light weight below 300gm helps reduce strain on the feet, ankles & lower leg muscles minimizing fatigue and discomfort.
    • Shock Absorption - The cushioning technology absorbs the shock from the feet landing and reduces the impact on the joints.
    • Style & Uniqueness - There is no second alternative in the country to this trending design, build, comfort, quality, sole and price combination.
    • Experience - Blend of art, vision, elegance, medical science, style trend scientific modelling have been combined to provide the optimum experience for your feet.
      • Keep away from water, mud & extreme heat. 
      • Do not Store for long time. 
      • Clean the dust with soft brush after use.

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